Cotton Fest Unveils Their Final Lineup

Cotton Fest curates the ultimate celebration of culture with their 2024 lineup, which is a testament to the rich tapestry of culture in South Africa.

Under the banner of #VoteCottonFest, this year’s edition transcends the typical festival experience, emerging as a vibrant lifestyle movement celebrating individuality through music, art, fashion, and lifestyle choices.

The winners of the open mic competition are Polly T from Cape Town; Pegg from Durban; and Bizzy Acwesh from Johannesburg. 

The winners of the fashion collaboration competition are: Brthrhood44, Lembe, and Swear Ex Clothing.

These exceptional creatives epitomize the essence of the new wave in youth culture, embodying individuality, passion, and innovation.

Join us on April 6th as we transform the Old Station into a vibrant hub of expression and creativity. Let your voice be heard and your style celebrated as we come together to shape the future of youth culture.

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